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Child playing with shapes
Little boy playing on swing

Mission Statement

At Little Minds Childcare & Preschool our mission is to create a safe, healthy, and inclusive early learning environment. We strive to create the optimal learning environment by ensuring all classroom areas are prepared and all materials are developmentally appropriate. We also focus on forming lasting relationships with families, enabling us to help guide their child towards success. 

Program Goals 

  • Create an environment that focuses on each individual child’s growth and learning, supporting them in all areas of health and development. 

  • Create an environment that is inviting, safe, and full of joyful learning opportunities. 

  • Build connections that fill a child full of confidence and a love for learning. 



Little Minds offers full time care only to maintain a consistent routine for all children in our program.

Kid playing with kitchen in the playground

Infant Toddler Class

Ages 8 weeks - 2 years old


boy playing at Little Minds Childcare

Preschool Class

Ages 2 years - 6 years old


boy playing at Little Minds Childcare

Outdoor Play

At Little Minds Childcare & Preschool we pride ourselves on the use of our outdoor environment & the benefits outdoor play provides to the children in our program. Through outdoor play children can learn & build upon a variety of skills.

  • Outdoor play invites children to practice familiar concepts in a different way

  • Outdoor play provides the opportunity for children to take risk in a safe environment

  • Outdoor play invites children to be apart of their community

  • Outdoor play provides the opportunity for freedom of movement

  • Outdoor play engages children with natural materials supporting S.T.E.A.M. concepts

And so much more! Outdoor play is essential in our learning process!

In our program it is very important for children to wear weather & play appropriate clothing. This ensures the children are prepared on a daily basis to explore in our learning environment.

Weather & play appropriate clothing can vary depending on the season.

Please refer to our Parent Handbook for more information on clothing.

School Calendar

kids playing on slide at Little Minds Childcare

School Closures 2024

January 15th – School Closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

February 19th – School Closed for Presidents Day

March 25th & 26th – School Closed

April 1st – School Closed for Easter Monday

May 27th – School Closed for Memorial Day

June 19th – School Closed for Juneteenth

July 4th & 5th – School Closed for Independence Day

August 5th & 6th – School Closed

September 2nd – School Closed for Labor Day

September 9th & 10th - School Closed

October 14th – School Closed for Indigenous Peoples’/ Columbus Day
October 17th & 18th – School Closed for MTAEYC Teaching Conference

November 11th - School Closed for Veterans Day
November 27th – November 29th – School Closed for Thanksgiving

December 23rd - 27th – School Closed for Christmas

Health & Illness

At Little Minds Childcare & Preschool part of our duty is to keep all children and staff as healthy as possible. Please see the Health and Illness policy in the Parent Handbook for a list of health reasons a child may not permitted into care or sent home. If a parent/guardian has been called to pick up they will have 30 minutes to make arrangements and be on their way. A child needs to be symptom and medication free for a minimum 24 hours in order to return to care. Some illnesses will require longer periods of time out of care, time out of care is subject to Director discretion. Furthermore, some illnesses will require a note signed by a healthcare provider in order for the child to return to care. 

little kid playing with toys at Little Minds Childcare

Daily Schedule

  • Children transition to a group schedule between 13-16 months old depending on their individual needs.

  • Free Choice means children choose the center of learning that they would like to explore.

  • Meal times are the only parts of our day that are done at a specific time daily, as children's needs vary so our schedule is flexible. 

Group Schedule 


Free Choice 

AM Snack 9:30AM – 10:00AM 

Free Choice 

Group Table Time 

Outdoor Play 

Lunch 12:00PM – 12:30PM 

Rest Time

PM Snack 2:45PM – 3:30PM 

Outdoor Play 


Little Minds Childcare & Preschool Infant Schedule

  • Children under 12 months old follow their own individualized schedule discussed between the family & the teacher.

  • We do follow an eat, play, sleep routine with children under 12 months old.

little boy going down slide at Little Minds Childcare
little kid driving toy car at Little Minds Childcare
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